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Hello Hello! Happy New Year Guys!
Sorry I don't write that much here... I'm very busy these days with work and cosplay making!
I finally have some tools that I need to make proper props and stuff!
ANYWAY! Last weekend I whent to GAnime in my home city. Gatineau (if some of you don't know were it is, it's literally next to Ottawa) I was once again a stage ninja for the Mascarade the saterday! It was pretty fun! I was cosplaying Maqui Once again the friday (cuz I'm a loser and could not finish a secret cosplay in time... If you want to know what it is, go check out my FaceBook page!… ) And sunday I cosplay Koto from Kyousougiga (I won't upload a picture here yet cuz I did not like how My wig end up like, But better pictures will happend in the future!) And I just want to say Congratulation to :iconrocknroler: and :icondokilly: for getting engaged! <3 


Now...The main reason for the jornal entry... My friend :iconlillychiyo: Tag me from this thing that you have to answer some question and then make 10 new question by tagging some other people that I want to tag and want them to answer my new questions.

So here are the 10 question that I have to answer!

1. If you could choose one thing to bring to an island, what would it be?
My iPod plug to an never ending battery power... I can not live without my music! ;v;

2. What's your favorite food?
(sadly) Pepsi or coke (they're kinda the same) I have an addiction to those... (lol they're drinks but hatter ganna hate <3)

3. Which color do you think is your spirit and why?
uuumm... blue? With some black and white touch? nyeh? :'D

4. Let's say you're in Harry Potter, which animal do you think your Patronus would take form from and why?
UUUUUuuummmmm....... God I don't know... A tiger? LOL I might look like a little cat that don't do much and play innocently and such, but I'm also getting stonger (physically) by time... or something like that... LOL I really don't know ;v;

5. Any food that you hate?
Scrambled eggs...

6. What are your pet peeves?
Poeple that do not know what exactly it is to respect others. And people that get negative a bit too easily...

7. Name your 3 top cosplays you'd like to make/shoot if money/time/skills didn't matter.
Mmmhhh... Good question... I guess I've fall in love with the gijinka version of Lightning McQueen from the disney pixar movie Cars a couples of years from now... (dat red hair <3 most people, even my friends don't know how much I want to cosplay a lot of gijinka character version from so many pixars movie <3)
Firi from Lamento: Beyond the void 

And Vanitas from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
(And here is a litthe derpy Extra) I reaaaalllyyyyy don't know why, but that Camera dude from the 
Japanese anti piracy ad is so epic! SO GOOD! IT WOULD BE A DREAM COME TRUE! I'M THE WIERDES PERSONE EVER!!! (And holyshit he was in the second Gintama movie! kyaa! <3) 

I have swooooooooooo many other cosplay wish that I'd want to share with you guys, but it would take for ever! ;v;

8. Which movie/anime/series made you cry the most?
I remember as a kid, there was a movie about these 2 baby tiger and sad stuff happend and I did cry a lot! But I can't remember the tittles! ;A; (btw, no cartoon or anything)
FUCKING ANOHANNA!!! ;V; Clannad! (this one was poweful) and others.

9. What do you look for in a romantic partner?
Patience. And he would need to do the firsts move cuz I'm hopeless and I'm super shy about these stuff ;v; (btw, Darvish kenji is the hottes dude ever! It's even better without all the white makeup! nyerp!)

10. Do you like me? 8D Hue. If you do, how much? Again, huehue.
Hey Lilly! I would not let you call me husbando if I didn't love you beubey! >:D rueruerue.


Doooone! Now I have to make 10 new questions! =v= lets seee.... (spoilers: these questions are lames question and I'm sorry about it)

1. Do you actually have a hero? Like a role model or something?
2. Secret tallent?
3. favorite kind of music?
4. what does make you smile and what does make you cry?
5. Favorite sport?
6. Favorite cosplayer?
7. Cosplay Dream? (sorry Lilly, I'm going to steal this one)
8. What do you think is the most important part of being a cosplayer?
9. favorite toy as a kid?
10. If you would have to describe me in 3 words, what would it be? :D

Now I have to tag 10 new peoples! And Here they are!:


Have Fun! ;D


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Derp at everything
Try her best to make people smile
So she end up being wierd...
But Wierd is a good thing, right? :D

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